ATM – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services/facilities available at a Sun Savings Bank Teller ATMs?

In addition to cash dispensing, Sun Savings Bank Teller ATMs have the following Features:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Fast Cash
  • Funds transfer
  • Bills Payment
  • Autoload
  • Checkbook Request
  • Statement of Account Request
  • Pin Change
Can I transfer funds using the ATM?

Yes, you can transfer to and from your own account or to and from another person account.  You can also transfer from Sun Savings Bank Account to another BancNet Member Bank Account.

NOTE: Fund transfer is a real time Transaction.

Can I pay my bills using the ATM?


Can I use the ATM to load my Prepaid Cellphone?

The ATM may be used to load a GLOBE/TM/SMART/SUN/TNT Mobile number. The amount loaded will be credited to your GLOBE/TM/SMART/SUN/TNT Mobile number real time.

What is the maximum ATM withdrawal per day?

For Sun Savings Bank cardholders, the withdrawal limit per day is:

Card ATM Withdrawal Limit
All Sun Money ATM card PHP 50,000 per day
Is there any transaction fee when using the machines?
  • For Sun Savings Bank Account holders, there is no withdrawal fee when using SSB ATMs.
  • For local non-SSB account holders, transaction fees are subject to their respective banks.
  • For foreign issued accounts, access fees may apply. Your bank may charge you an additional amount for your transactions.
I forgot my PIN, what should I do?

If you forgot your PIN, you will need to visit your Issuing Branch to have your ATM card replaced. Once you receive your new Sun Money ATM card, you will be required to activate and nominate a new PIN.

What should I do if my ATM card gets captured in an ATM?

Please call (032) 239-5423 or (032) 520-8847 or (032) 254-2940.

What should I do when the ATM does not dispense cash during withdrawal?

Take note of the amount, date, time and location/ATM Terminal ID (TID) of the transaction. Then report immediately by calling (032) 239-5423.

Alternatively, you may visit any branch near you for assistance.

What do I do when I suspect that the ATM is tampered?

You should not transact if you think the ATM is tampered. Report the ATM immediately to (032) 239-5423.

What is the maximum number of bills dispensed by an ATM?

Maximum of Forty (40) Bills per dispense.

Can I use my Sun Money ATM card to withdraw at any ATM abroad?


If I transfer funds using my Sun Money ATM Card through a SSB ATM, will it be credited to the beneficiary account real time?

Yes, the amount will be credited at a real time posting.

EMV – Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMV?

EMV stands for Europay MasterCard Visa. It is a global standard for card transactions using chip technology. The EMV chip card technology has enhanced security features, which include encryption locks and keys to authenticate the card and the cardholder’s transactions, better protecting card data from being compromised.

Why is there a shift to EMV?

This shift is a mandate from the BSP to all banks in the Philippines.

The regulatory requirement is a move by the banking industry towards a more effective way of significantly reducing counterfeit fraud, skimming and other related attacks which magnetic stripe payment cards are more vulnerable to.

How do I get my new Sun Money EMV ATM Card?

For retail Sun Money ATM Card clients, you can request your EMV ATM Card anytime at your branch of account. This card is personalized with your name. Please bring one (1) Original Philippine Government ID with photo and signature. All retail Sun Money ATM Cards without an EMV chip may no longer be used after June 30.

Can I claim my EMV card at any branch?

Your Sun Money EMV ATM Card is personalized with your name and can only be claimed at your branch of account. However, if you prefer to get an EMV ATM Card at a branch that is not your branch of account, you will request or notify the branch of account to send the EMV ATM Card to you preferred Branch where you will claim the EMV ATM Card. To claim this unnamed card at any branch, please bring one Original Philippine Government ID with photo and signature to your preferred branch.

Is the EMV card free of charge?

Yes, the EMV card that will replace your old, magstripe non-EMV card is free of charge. Succeeding card requests due to lost or damaged card will be charged a P350.00 replacement fee.

What should I do after claiming my Sun Money EMV ATM Card?

To ensure your card safety, upon claiming, please immediately go to the nearest SSB ATM to activate and nominate your new PIN. When at the ATM, simply follow these steps:

  1. Insert your card
  2. Enter any 6-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number, e.g. 123456, etc.
  3. Select “Balance Inquiry”
  4. Enter your desired PIN
  5. Re-enter your desired PIN
  6. Wait for the message: “PIN CHANGE HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL”
  7. Get the transaction receipt
What should I do with my old non-EMV Sun Money ATM Card?

For Sun Money ATM Card clients, you will no longer be able to use your old non-EMV ATM Card and shall be surrendered to your branch of account upon claiming your Sun Money EMV ATM Card. We will cut your old card for your additional safety, especially the magstripe portion, before disposing it.

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